BAFTA & BFI Screenwriter Lecture series

Sir David Hare,Ronald Harwood, Peter Morgan, Simon Beaufoy, Aline Brosh McKenna and Christopher Hampton.  Series all about the auteur – the beginning being: screenwriters are much maligned, to what extent should they be considered a film’s true auteur?

Peter Morgan (20th Sept) was sold out virtually immediately (will have to rely on the podcasts) – but I did attend the Simon Beaufoy one on 17th Sept (I know how to enjoy a Friday night).  There was nothing revelatory: good screenwriting the foundation, a good director takes it further, need to be adaptable – but that in itself was pleasant.

Most interesting aspect was probably his history as a documentary-maker: the “do you want truth or a great story?” dilemma, the Rosa Parks incident as a media-choreographed affair, his insistence that the stories he writes are other peoples.

He came across eminently likeable: apologetically hippyish comments about truth and spirit and soul, credit to director, understanding and satisfaction in his role as writer – though sounds as if he is more writer/producer.  Isn’t that the perfect role?

Pod casts don’t seem to be available yet but should turn up here eventually.


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