Looking forward to…Frontline Screening + Q&A: Stolen

Part of the Frontline Club’s Liberation Season. Promising hard-hitting journalism & a rollicking good story…

Filmmakers Ayala and Fallshaw follow Fetim Sellami, a Saharawi refugee, to North Africa for a reunion with her mother. Mother and child were separated when Sellami was a toddler. But the UN-sponsored reunion reveals a secret which spirals the film into a dark world the filmmakers could never have imagined. The Saharawis start talking about a forbidden subject…Their enslavement.

The filmmakers recount moments of terror when their lives were in danger as well as the extreme hardships in getting the footage across borders. Perhaps most disturbingly, it becomes difficult to distinguish who are the good guys, as the ‘good guys’ turn bad and the ‘bad guys’ appear to do good.

Protestors have demonstrated against the accuracy of the film. The Polisario, the movement running the camp flew Sellami to the Sydney Film Festival to deny being a slave and that slavery exists in the camps.

Stolen is a compelling, modern-day, real-life cloak-and-dagger thriller.

Frontline Club – Events: Liberation Season: Screening – Stolen.

8th Oct, Frontline Club @ 7pm


Mosaic Films calling for short doc proposals

Mosaic Films calling for proposals for short (6-10min) documentaries for BBC Storyville on the theme of ‘Why Poverty?’ – about poverty in the UK.  Further info

Mosaic Films has partnered with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, BBC Storyville, STEPS International and Sheffield Doc/Fest to produce three short (6-10 minute) films exploring issues surrounding poverty in the UK. We are launching an open call for proposals from documentary directors with a proven track record in delivering films to a broadcast standard. A shortlist of six filmmakers will be invited to pitch their films during Sheffield Doc/Fest 2010 (3rd – 7th November).

Definitely giving it a go.

DEADLINE:  Mon 5th Oct 2010